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Staffbox is a four tier platform including Rota, HR, Learn and Governance catered for Primary Care.
The simple and easy to use system allows all four tiers to communicate with each other creating minimal work for the system user.
Are you struggling to find locums to cover shifts, thinking of going paperless with yout HR files or even wanting a safe place to log your drug expirey dates? Well, Staffbox has it all.

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A comprehensive staffing solution for a wide variety of Clinical Services such as; GP Practices, Hospitals, Outpatient or Rehabilitation Facilities, Vaccination Centres, Care Homes and Domiciliary Care settings. As a service; you can publish multiple roles available to source an agile and fully qualified workforce, as well as having full advantages of our automated invoicing system and complete integration to the other Staffbox Platforms. As a user; you can apply for specific roles in multiple locations and have complete control and flexibility over your working hours.

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A complete solution for your Human Resources department to store and share company documentation, policies and procedures and much more! Staffbox HR allows staff to book Annual Leave, as well as keep their cross-platform profiles up to date with a single document upload. Services can also send correspondence to staff, receive notifications when Staff are due DBS Checks, expired Training and Qualifications, as well as manage sickness and absences.

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A simple, clean and user-friendly eLearning Platform that promotes a blended learning style. Staffbox Learn provides in depth content, condensed in to short 30-60 minute modules. It is an information access point, as well as an online hub for learning, attending or hosting webinars and micro-teach sessions. Our fully integrated training matrix will allow services to keep employee records up to date, increase productivity and decrease the time staff spend in the classroom.

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A perfect solution for service management to ensure full compliance with CQC regulations. Follow the online guidance and policy management of Staffbox Governance to ensure you are reaching all targets set by CQC to enable an ‘Outstanding’ CQC inspection report.

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Our Partners

Staffbox are proud partners of One Wirral CIC and NHS Merseyside, bringing you a simple yet complete and comprehensive and staffing solution to cater to all your recruitment needs … All in one delightfully colourful box!

One Wirral collaborate with a wide range of partners across the Wirral.
This is constantly growing. theses include;

Voluntary Community Sector

Health Junction
Wirral change
Acts Kindness charity
Grow CIC
The Maggie's Centre
The Conservation Volunteers
Change Grow Live
Health Watch

Heatlh Care

Wirral University Teaching Hospital
Wirral Leisure (Inlcuding we are undefeatable project)
Primary Care Wirral
Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Alliance