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Staff Box Learn - Agile Life Sciences LTD: Menoguide GP Feedback Session

Agile Life Sciences LTD: Menoguide GP Feedback Session

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Agile Life Sciences LTD is offering a paid opportunity for GPs to attend a small feedback event focused on Menopause. The event is designed for those with varying levels of knowledge and interest about Menopause, and the growth of their new development MenoGuide.

 The event will take place at Merebrook House, Thornton Hough on 11th May 12.00pm-2.30pm including lunch and attendees will receive a payment of £225 for their participation.

 The session will be focused on seeking input and reaction to their MenoGuide innovation, gathering feedback on adoption of MenoGuide in practice for both diagnosis and monitoring, and understanding what further support is required when seeing Menopause patients.

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Course Overview

Agile Life Sciences are a rapidly growing SME based at SciTech Daresbury near Warrington. They have a team of experts in microbiome sequencing and molecular diagnostics and are developing a test to confirm where a woman is on her menopause journey. When it is launched formally it is anticipated that MenoGuide will be used to help to identify where a woman is on her transition from Pre to Peri menopause and to provide information on vaginal health status. It can also be adopted as a monitoring tool to help a healthcare professional measure the impact of a treatment intervention they have. made. These treatments could range from a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) prescription to lifestyle advice depending on your individual symptoms and situation.

Ideally Agile Life Sciences are looking for GPs with a range of exposure and knowledge on menopause. Those not as confident in menopause or those that traditionally refer those patients to colleagues within their practice are also encouraged. 


This course is due to be held on the 11th of May at

Merebrook House, 

Thornton Common Road,

Thornton Hough,

Wirral, CH63 0LU

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